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Abegweit First Nation Mi'kMaq Wellness Centre
Abegweit First Nation Mi'kMaq Wellness Centre
Abegweit First Nation Mi'kmaq Wellness Centre will be surveyed by Accrediation Canada on April 25, 26 & 27th.
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Accreditation Canada
Wellness Centre

We offer a variety of programs and services at AFNMWC. Click on an item below to view details for that program or service.

Blood Pressure, Glucose and Cholesterol Checks, and Dressing Changes
These procedures are done by the Wellness Centre's staff such as Community Health Nurse, Home and Community Care Nurse and Dietitian. These can be done upon request from the client.
The Community health Nurse is certified for providing immunizations to all ages.
Diabetic Education for Individuals
One-on-one consultation between community and the dietitian. Individuals are referred by other health care professionals (i.e. nurse or doctor), or they may self refer. Topics of discussion include: diabetes prevention, meal planning, and blood sugar monitoring, medication adjustments, sick day management, etc.
Diabetic Education Classes for Groups
The delivery of diabetes information in a group. Topics vary from diabetes management to diabetes prevention. Classes may also include a healthy cooking demonstration which all participants get to sample at the end of the session. These sessions are open to anyone.
Pre-Natal Classes
Classes are typically delivered to individuals instead of groups. This provides an excellent opportunity for moms and dads to openly ask questions and discuss any concerns they may have regarding the pregnancy, delivery and child rearing. The dietitian and nurses all have the training for lactation management thus are excellent resources for breastfeeding questions and support.
Wellness Session
This session are offered regularly throughout the year in each community. They are delivered in conjunction with other facilitators and also by the dietitian alone.

Topics include: Healthy Lunches for weight Management, High Cholesterol, High Blood pressure, Health Lunches and Snacks, Reading Food Labels, Importance of Proper Hand Washing, How to Use Canada's Food Guide, Traditional Eating VS Eating Today, Grocery Shopping on a Budget, etc.
Drop in Clinics/Screening Clinics
There are regular drop in clinics available for BP, BG, weight monitoring. Two-three times per year, metabolic screening clinics are scheduled.
Cooking Classes
Cooking classes offered as part of the diabetes classes, wellness classes and independently depending on the demand from the communities.
Nutrition Education for Youth
There are several opportunities for the dietitian to have an audience of youth to deliver important healthy living information. In Abegweit, the coffee House evening has provided an opportunity for Trudy MacNeil, RD, to present such topics as: Proper hand Washing, Canada's Food Guide, healthy Eating and Physical Activity
Resource Development
Part of Trudy's job as Health Promotion Coordinator is to acquire, adapt or develop resources/tools to be used in the First Nations Communities to teach the variety of topics included in health promotion. These resources would include: Visual aids such as the Sugar Display, recipes, games, handouts, journals, etc.
Liaison Between Community Members and Provincial Healthcare Workers
To advocate on behalf of community members to other health care professionals such as family doctor, pharmacists, social workers, provincial diabetes team, etc.
Wellness Challenges
Several times per year, Trudy advertises a Wellness Challenge within the community. Participants meet with Trudy to have a wellness assessment done and to set specific goals. Their success is measured by tracking the body weight, body fat, body water, metabolic age, and body measurements taken by measuring tape. There have also been walking challenges where pedometers are handed out and the individual who accumulates the most steps over a specific time frame is the winner. Prizes vary from money and exercise gear to gift certificates and makeovers!
Articles for Newsletters
Writing community updates and nutrition/health information for the MCPEI newspaper and the Abegweit newsletter is a great way for Trudy to get information into each community members home. Trudy submits practical articles and easy to follow recipes that support healthy living.
Diabetes/Nutrition In-service for Health Staff
Part of Trudy's role as a health care professional is to share the information she has with other staff. Occasionally there are opportunities for Trudy to do a session with other members of the healthcare team. Some examples include: "Diabetes Education" for nursing students, "The Importance of Proper Hand Washing" for the health centre staff, "What is Diabetes" for health center staff.
Lending Cupboard
AFNMWC has medical equipment that can be loaned out for a specific time. These include: wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, canes, tub transfers, portable commodes, and urinals. Other equipment and supplies that is available at AFNMWC include: condoms, dental hygiene products, various medical supplies, and nutritional supplements such as boost and ensure If there is any other medical equipment or medical supplies that you or your family requires, and it is not listed here, please contact AFNMWC.
Environmental Assessment
If you have concerns with the water, call the Wellness Centre, your name and number will be put into the Environmental Log. Sheila Bernard Water tester will be around to address your problem.
Well Women's Clinic
Every stage of a woman's life from adolescence to mid-life and beyond is unique and valuable and every woman deserves safe and satisfying well woman care.

AFNMWC offers a Well Women's Clinic once yearly during fall. Topics and Services included during these clinics include but are not limited to: pap screening, Self-Breast Exam Education, birth control options, menopause etc.

If there is any topic or service that you would like to see included in this clinic, please contact Stephanie Jadis, R.N.
First Aid/CPR Course
Instruction available to various programs and staff of the Abegweit First Nation Mi'kmaq Wellness Centre. Scheduled group training will be given at various times yearly. Individual recertification training sessions may be offered based on scheduling an appointment Please call wellness Centre for more information.
Sexual Health
Info sessions on sexual health topics such as sexually transmitted diseases, sexuality issues, HIV/AIDS, birth control options etc take place at AFNMWC. Private individual info sessions for individuals or groups are also available. At AFNMWC we also provide condoms free of charge.
Home and Community Care Program
Stephanie Jadis, RN and Crissy Riley, Home and Community LPN presently conduct home visits to assess and assist clients need. They provide personal care and respite assistance to clients based on the assessed need. The goal is to promote the clients ability to live independently in their home. Home and community Care will be providing client assessments, case management, home care nursing, personal care, home support and respite services. Service is for all community residents of any age.
Addiction Service Program
The Abegweit First Nation Mi'kmaq Wellness Centre NADAP program offers Non-medical treatment services and prevention and aftercare services for all clients. The programs can be presented with a traditional emphasis or with an emphasis on the Twelve Steps program. Quite often clients choose a blend of both the traditional and Twelve Steps programs.
The NADAP Program
The NADAP Program offers, promotes and encourages drug free activities, information, education, and support for community members who enjoy their alcohol and drug free way of life. The program also offers information and support for community members who are concerned about another person's alcohol, drugs, or gambling patterns.

The NADAP will counsel, support and refer clients to best suited facilities and programs throughout the Maritime regions and the aftercare support in the way of one on one counselling, group counselling and AA meetings. We will also help as a support in their recovery as a support role for them in their time of need.
Foot Care
The Abegweit First Nation Mi'kmaq Wellness Centre offers a foot care clinic every 6 weeks. This service is available to those individuals experiencing problems with Diabetes, limited mobility, arthritis, ingrown toenails, and calluses.etc. Crissy Riley, LPN, is the Foot Care Nurse who delivers this important service to the community. For more information or to make an appointment call the Wellness Centre at 676-3007.
Home Visits
These are available anytime by the Community Health Nurse, Community Health Representatives, Dietitian or the Home and Community Care Nurse. We encourage request by individuals for home visits to those individuals that are new mothers, diabetics, shut-ins, physically challenged, hospital aftercare and/or chronic are patients.
Coordination of Non-Insured Health Benefits and Medicare
The Community Health Representative works closely with the First Nations & Inuit Health Branch Non-Insured Health Benefits staff in regards to applications for dental, vision, medical equipment and for special authorization for medical approvals. The Community Health Representative also works with Medicare for application or renewal of medical cards.
Child Health
The Community Health Nurse with the assistance from the Community Health Representative conduct periodic screening checks that are conducted within the community head start/daycare and home. Screening checks are offered for assessing normal growth and development, promoting dental hygiene, overall hygiene and advising parents in the promotion of positive child rearing.
Communicable Disease Prevention and Control
The CHN works within the community to reduce or, if possible, eliminate communicable disease. These are diseases that can be passed from one person to another. The team is involved with: surveillance, investigation and follow-up, prevention and outbreak management.
Blood Collection Clinic
A Blood Collection Clinic (venipuncture) is offered at the Abegweit First Nation Mikmaq Wellness Centre on Thursdays 8:00 am - 10:00 am. All you'll need is: the blood work requisition form provided to you by your physician and your Provincial Health Card.  Call to confirm.
Post-Natal Services
The Community Health Nurse conducts Home visits. Visits include a new born baby assessment that covers weight, head circumference, length and counselling. They deliver a baby gift bag to Mom and Dad for the new arrival.
Well-Baby Clinics
A chance to get your baby weighed and ask any questions about your baby's general health or any questions you may have. This service is available anytime by stopping in or calling the Community Health Nurse at 676-3007.
Children's Oral Health Initiative (COHI)
AFNMWC's hosts a COHI clinic on a regular basis. Activities that take place during a COHI clinic include: dental screenings, fluoride treatments, dental sealants and referrals for complex treatment, and info sessions. The ultimate goal of COHI is to reduce, prevent, or remove oral health diseases through prevention, education, and oral health promotion (Health Canada, 2007). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jennifer Knockwood.
Medical Transportation
Currently being restructured.
The CHR acts as a liaison and collaborate with community leaders, Health staff, band Chief, RCMP, Family Pride, MCPEI, Elders, Community, justice system and when the Director of Health advices.
Suicide Intervention
CHR provides educational/programs, current information, ASIST T4T classes, intervention, referrals to Elders, councillors, traditional councillors, Traditional Education, to provide support and Guidance.
Cultural Services
Design or help create culturally appropriate education resources, provide traditional elders, Mi'kmaq Language, and 7 sacred teachings & seven hoops of intergenerational trauma, medicines, ceremonies, sweats, and regalia making, etc.
CHR may provide services: home visits, discharge plan, current educational information, and support to assist with after care referrals. To assist with providing health promotion and injury prevention services, Prevention programs; Elder programs, Educational promotion: Elder prevention from falls, abuse, home visits, Elderly Exercise classes, support groups and support. Hospital Visits, Develop a 5 year strategic plan, community needs assessment and assist in areas that need improvement with health care services for AFNMWC, attended training, workshops and Health related sessions that would assist the CHR to have current training and information. Provide Educational presentations: Family Violence, Suicide prevention, and Elder abuse etc.
Youth Coffee House Program
This program is for youth 12 +, consist of two sessions Educational and cultural.
Community Health Representative
Community health representative works with others in our health care team to improve and maintain the cultural, spiritual, physical, social and emotional well-being of individuals, families and the communities we serve.
Tobacco Cessation Program
Liaisons with health staff, referrals, support, current information, educational /training materials, and training manuals on traditional use of tobacco. PEI Tobacco Reduction Alliance (PETRA) strategic plan. We're seeking updates on tobacco cessation efforts with adults on PEI. We have several groups identified as "supporting partners" for this strategic area: the Canadian Cancer Society, the PEI Lung Association, the SES and Tobacco research group based at UPEI, Lennox Island Health Centre, and the PEI Home and School Federation and Abegweit First Nation Mi'kmaq Wellness Centre.
The Accreditation Coordinator
over sees organization's day to day involvement in accreditation, including coordinating task, delegating responsibility to the most appropriate persons, etc...
Educational Services/Speakers
Healing Our Nation
HIV , healthy relationships, birth control, STD's, and Dangerous us of Alcohol and Drugs.

Driving Drunk dangers, internet bullying, bullying in school and how not to fall victim, internet safety, dangerous drugs, self-esteem building, Internet safety, role models, and healthy life styles. etc.

Family Pride
Self-esteem building, good relationship vs. bad relationship, bullying, internet gossip how it hurts, etc.

Child Develop Team
Discussion FASD Addiction Workers: Struggles, losses and how easy you can become addicted.

Youth Coffee house Cultural Programs
CHR and adult facilitator - Informational sessions: 7sacred teachings, talking circles, sweats, ceremonies, medicines, etc.